Aletniq - "Rock this Land"

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Rappers in order of appearance: CT Aletniq, Damian Aletniq and Derek Aletniq
Backing vocals: Mariah Garcia
Music: DJ ReeRun, Mind Under Craze Recordings

Producer: CT Aletniq
Recorded at Mind Under Craze and Phoenix Recording.
Mastered by John Gray, Saltmine Studios
Video by WetBack Werwolf

Aletniq - "Good People"

Chicano Rap in Phoenix, Arizona has hit a new low. Aletniq now owns Chicano Hip Hop.

Full size video in HD

Listen to 320 kbps MP3 here

Rappers in order of appearance: CT Aletniq, Damian Aletniq and Derek Aletniq

Drum programming:Chris Chav-EZ
Guitars: Chandler Harrod and Michael F. Rogan
Bass: Chandler Harrod
Female Vocals: Mariah Garcia

Music Recorded in North Hollywood Studios, Boom-Boom Room and LAFX.
Mixing and editing: CT Aletniq
Producers: CT Aletniq and Godriguez
Mastered by John Gray at Saltmine Studios
Video by WetBack Werwolf

Music Production

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21st Century Chicano Hip Hop

Aletniq is here because before, there was nothing. The future of Chicano Hip Hop is in the hands of three hungry Chicanos from the blazing deserts of Aztlan. Time entangled beats fueled by anger, despair and psychological mayhem may confuse the idle consumer. Beware - Serious loss of brain matter can result from listening to our digital goods.
Aletniq IS futuristic hip hop.

Aletniq is now available at Rhapsody, Napster, Amazon, emusic and the iTunes Store. Click on the links to the right to download the album. Prices vary at the different sites but you can always stream our music for free from here or at

Aletniq and Godriguez - Futuristic Hip Hop

Mostly sub-human, definitely alien, sometimes illegal but always true Chicano artists uploading 21st century nightmares into your headspace. The Band is: C.T. Aletniq, Derek Aletniq and Damian. All three brothers write and produce all material using Technology, Hallucinogens and occult practices. We are currently working on new projects with different producers in Phoenix, AZ recording studios and a couple studios out in L.A. The new Godriguez project will fuck all your heads up. Check out "Aztlan Anthem" and let the fiestas begin.

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Aletniq - "Fine Day to Frown"

Our latest Audio Guru, Chav-EZ ( Outskirts Productions/ Boom Boom Room- Burbank, CA ) has finished mixing our new song, "Fine Day to Frown". You can listen to it at
We are always working on new material so check back with us soon for new songs. In the meantime, listen to what we have- If you like it, tell a friend, if you don't- tell two.

Aletniq - Representing Chicano Hip-Hop Worldwide offer free MP3 downloads through some of these sites so check back here for all the links and info.